The family comes with a supply of around $100 million for another 4 years in their reality-show, “. ” Nevertheless, one member that is essential might not be around the show, except to do a short appearance. Based on Radar Online, Feb. 27, 2015, Betty West is doubtful whether she really wants to proceed undertaking the Television series. She has her sights set on items that are other. Picture by Killilea/Getty Images A source informed Online, “Kim doesn’t know if she wants to do the exhibit. She might create cameos, but shes doubtful.

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Kim has made income that was so much currently, it doesn’t matter. She considers reality-tv may possibly not be for her. ” Jenner is the director for your Kardashian family empire. That has Kris worried, once the shows leading celebrity intends to not return. If Kim WOn’t return, she might lose the beneficial contract. The source mentioned, ” Kris are combating because Kris created the $100 million deal encouraging Betty would be on display. Since she never agreed to to remain again but Kims upset. Though its plenty of money, shes angry. All of them have agreements and Kris wants about the amount.

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But just because theres a that Kris arranged doesnt mean its a deal that is completed. Deals are up within the oxygen, although the number is killed out. Ellie may choose to get an arrangement to incorporate that she may do scripted initiatives or she might just desire to totally tear-up the deal. Her deal isnt settled.” When the deal undergoes, the Kardashians will be the highest paid reality TV personalities. However, if the deal does n’t be agreed to by Betty, money’s amount and also all that could adjust may be cut. The amount of money could be split between Kylie, Ellie, Khloe, and Kardashian and her and her kids and Kendall Jenner. The present may possibly also generate spin-off exhibits for Kendall and Kyylie.

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Kanyewest, Bruce Jenner and one other two key heroes were not mentioned in the commitment. Bruce has his own TV deals focusing on her behalf sexuality change. Kanye West could make two or a cameo appearance. What do you think regarding the Kardashian commitment? If Kim doesn’t search will the exhibit not be any bad? May “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” survive if she refuses to be considered a member. Discuss your thoughts below.